CHURCH ministry leaders,
family group and CAMPUS ministry

layi & monica OKESOLA

layi // 804.319.6411 or

monica // 804.477.9789 or

Olayiwola (Layi) and Monica Okesola were born and raised in New York City. They met while attending Morgan State University in Baltimore, MD. After graduation, Layi was introduced to God’s kingdom and became a disciple in August of 2005 in Richmond, VA. During this time, the couple broke up to put God first in their lives. Layi encouraged Monica to study the Bible and she became a disciple in September of 2005 in Northern Virginia. They began dating again in January of 2006 and after a year were married in Richmond in 2007.  The Okesola’s have faithfully served in the Singles, the Marrieds - both young and mature, and the Benevolent ministries for over 10 years. God has blessed them with three wonderful children, Kayode, Folakemi, and Sekou.

God has truly blessed our fellowship here in Toledo with many people
from all over who are willing to serve in many different capacities...

SYLVANIA family group #1

ray & latrice FLOWERS

ray // 734.735.2967 or

latrice // 419.346.4787 or

Ray became a disciple in Detroit,MI he moved to Columbus, OH to help start the church in Columbus in 1996. Latrice became a disciple in Columbus, OH. It was there in Columbus where the two met, dated and were married.  Shortly after their marriage they moved to Toledo, OH to help start the church in Toledo. Ray and Latrice have two boys Raymond IV and Desmond ages 9 and 7. Ray and Latrice currently serve the church working with the marrieds ministry where they focus on helping married couples. They currently reside in Toledo, OH.

SYLVANIA family group #2

vincent & cheryl MOORE

vincent // 949.413.8554 or

cheryl // 949.378.7599 or

Vincent  became a disciple in April 1999, and his wife Cheryl was converted in September 1998. They met in the Singles Ministry in Orange County CA and started dating in May 2000. They were married in August 2003 and served together in the OC Church as Worship Team members and Family Group Leaders. They relocated to Toledo in April 2014 where they currently serve together as Worship Team leaders.  Vincent works as a family banker, and Cheryl is an Operations Manager for an HR Consulting firm. They reside in Sylvania, OH.

PERRYSBURG family group #1

robert & shari SEGOVIA

robert // 419.472.3721 or

shari // 937.241.2711 or

Robert and Shari Segovia have both lived in Toledo since 2001. Robert became a disciple as a teenager in October, 1995.  He moved to Toledo, Ohio to help start the church in 2001 as a college student.  Shari moved to Toledo at the same time to attend BGSU and she became a disciple of Jesus in March, 2002.  They were married in 2006 and have a happy family with 3 young kids. Robert works as an engineer while Shari is a stay-at-home mom.  They desire to serve God and use their gifts for God and to help the church to grow. Together they are family group leaders and they shepherd the Worship and AV Teams. Robert  also serves as a board member. They currently live in Perrysburg, Ohio.

PERRYSBURG family group #2

allen & wynette DENKINS

allen // 615.474.1259 or

wynette // 615.500.1543

Allen was baptized in the Nashville Church in April of 1993 where he served in various ministries with campus, singles, and teens. Wynette was also baptized in the Nashville Church in May of 1996 where she served in the teen and singles ministries. In 1999, Allen and Wynette began dating and were married in November 2001. They have 4 sons; Allenson, Wynton, Alexander and Waylen. After accepting a job in Tiffin, Ohio Allen and his family moved from Nashville to Toledo in May of 2016. They both serve as family group leaders for one of the Perrysburg area family groups.

TEEN ministry

jeremy & emily MANN

jeremy // 949.413.8554 or

emily // 949.378.7599 or

Jeremy was baptized on February 17, 2013 within the campus ministry and interned within the teen ministry during the summer of 2014. Emily was baptized on September 24, 2011 and helped to revive the Campus Ministry at Bowling Green State University in December 2012. Emily was an intern with Jeremy for the teen ministry during the summer of 2014, and began leading along side Jeremy in August of 2014. They were married on September 5, 2015.

HOPEworldwide TOLEDO chapter director


jennie // 419.494.2098 or

Jennie serves as the Chapter Director for the HOPE worldwide Toledo Chapter.  She was converted on campus of Bowling Green State University in 2012, and has since graduated and is now part of the EDGE ministry. Jennie is our liaison to create and find projects for the church to serve the community.

We currently meet at the Discovery Academy Building, in the Chapel
located at 2740 West Central Avenue, Toledo, Ohio 43606